About Us

A picture of the Three editors, Ellie, Lexy and Theo at an editorial meeting before Covid.

We are a newspaper edited by braillists for braillists. There are 3 editors
If you are a young blind or visually impaired person we recommend you subscribe for all the latest news.
We are 3 blind children, Ellie, Lexy and Theo, who thought it would be fun to setup a newspaper for people who are blind.

What's in the newspaper

In the newspaper, there are several sections including Events coming up, Tech, Jokes and Sport. We have made it easy to navigate within the newspaper, you just find == to go to the next article or +++ to go to the next section. Each section is also numbered.
To browse the current issue of the Tactile Times Newspaper, click here to go to our issues page.

Why have we made the Tactile Times?

We have made the Tactile Times Newspaper so blind and visually impaired people can access all the events coming up and latest news in one place rather than having to go to several websites.
If you would like more information browse our FAQsor get in touch with us here. Anyone is allowed to subscribe.


There are now a few articles that publicise the Tactile Times that also introduce it to you in a way that may be helpful to new visitors to this website.
They can be found on our publicity page .


We run a Fantasy football league and a Strava club for anyone who is interested in joining. Here is a table comparing the two leagues/clubs.
Function/factStrava clubFantasy football league
Anyone who visits our website can join.YesYes
The code/link changes every year.NoYes, there is a new code for each fantasy football season
You can only join at certain times of yearNo, you can join any timeYes, you can only join near the beginning of a season
It can be used to post updatesYesNo
You need an email account to joinYesYes
You can join with your Google or Apple accountYesYes
There is an app that you can use to access it available for iOS and AndroidYesYes
You have to re-join every year.NoYes, and you also have to pick a new Fantasy football team