Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you subscribe to the newspaper?

A. To subscribe to the newspaper, click the Subscribe link at the bottom of any page on this website

Q. Who can subscribe?

A. Anyone can subscribe but you have to be blind or Visually Impaired to contribute

Q. How do you contribute?

A. Only blind or visually impaired people can contribute, to contribute click contribute an article.

Q. What am I allowed to contribute?

A. You are allowed to contribute an article about anything you think would suit the newspaper. We recommend you look at past issues to decide if your contribution suits the Tactile Times or needs to be edited. You can also contribute your favourite jokes or a puzzle.

Q. How do you view issues of the newspaper?

A. To view all the issues of the newspaper, click the Issues link that can be found at the bottom of any of our web pages.

Q. Does it cost anything to subscribe?

A. No, its completely free to subscribe or contribute.

Q. How often does the Tactile Times come out?

A. The Tactile Times comes out twice a year.

Q. Why have we set up the Tactile Times?

A. We set up the Tactile Times to make sure that braillists got all the news they needed in one, quick to access place.

Q: How do I join the Tactile Times fantasy football league?

A: If it is near the start of a season (August to October) the league code will be available on the fantasy football area of this website. If is near the end of a season (January to May) there will be no code as there will be no point joining, but you will be able to register your interest.

Q: How do I know whether my contribution is accessible?

A: You can find our tips for accessible contributions on our contribute page.

Q: What has happened to Tactile Times email addresses? Why do we suddenly have two?

A: We always used to only have a Gmail address and this was a good way to start out.
In fact, it even came long before this website went live.
But, as the Tactile Times grew and we got more publicity, we thought it was time for a more professional custom email address, and that's where [email protected] came from.
Although we still have access to both accounts and have no plans to get rid of the old Gmail address, we are slowly transitioning to our new custom address. So, if you want to get in touch, we now recommend you use the custom address as it is now tested and working.
You might find it confusing that emails addressed to [email protected] also go to us. This is just an address that forwards to our one, so there is no need to use it unless you want to give it a go for fun.
If you are interested in how we can have an accessible way to receive emails from a custom address, we do it through G Suite Basic as the Google servers can easily sync to Touches, iPhones, Laptops and much more.

Q. What happens if the subscription form doesn't appear or work?

A. First try following the link to complete it in Google Forms. If it still doesn't work, please contact us and we will manually subscribe you.

Q. How can I join the Tactile Times Strava club?

A. To join, just click here and then click Join.

Q. where can I find ideas on what to contribute.

A. You can find tips and ideas about types of articles that might work well on our contribute page.
If you have any remaining questions please Contact us.