Create a Soundscape marker

Often you might be sent a Google Maps link, but you would like to use Soundscape to navigate. This page will help you create a Soundscape marker out of a Google Maps link.

How to use

  1. Enter a name for your new marker
  2. Enter the latitude and longitude of the place you would like to mark into the form or mark your current location.
  3. Choose whether to open the marker in Soundscape or generate a link to it.
This tool may also be useful for people who would like to share a place with a Soundscape user without having to install and learn how to use the app. It is currently the only website where you can create a Soundscape marker without Soundscape installed.

Marker name

Please enter a name for your marker.

Latitude and longitude

Please enter the latitude and longitude of the place you would like to mark. You can find these details in Google Maps or your other navigation app. It might be easier to copy and paste these numbers as they are very long.

Or mark your current location

When you click the button below, this website will request your location. This will stay on your device and is purely to create the marker.

Choose an app

As the Microsoft Soundscape app has been pulled from the App Store and existing installations will likely only partially work after the end of August 2023, please choose which app you would like to create the marker in.

Open your app

Click the button below to open your chosen app and display the place as a marker.
Make sure you have your chosen app installed and that location services are enabled.
If you are on a device without this app installed, you will need to get a link instead.

Or generate a sharable link for your marker

Click below to generate a unique link which can be shared with other people. Anyone with Soundscape installed can simply click the link to get started.

This page is also available as an iOS Shortcut. To get this, download it through the Tactile Times shortcuta>. The shortcut version is great for quickly marking your current location on the fly. It is especially helpful for mobility instructors who would like to share markers with their students but would rather not learn how to use the Microsoft Soundscape app.